About Rossiter & Associates

Alan RossiterThe founder and president of Rossiter & Associates is Alan Rossiter. Dr. Rossiter gained his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge (England) in process integration and systematic design procedures, and his work in this field has been widely published and internationally recognized (see list of publications). He worked for nearly ten years in a variety of process engineering and management roles with ICI, and then for nearly eight years with Linnhoff March as a process integration consultant and manager. He founded the parent organization of Rossiter & Associates in 1997, and serves as lead engineer for all Rossiter & Associates projects.

The Associates of Rossiter & Associates are a network of engineers, academics and industry specialists. Some are process integration experts; others provide expertise in other areas, such as equipment design, process modeling and information management. Together they offer a wide range of additional resources as needed for individual projects.